Consumer Complaint Retrieval

Consumer Complaint RetrievalWhen you need to retrieve a complaint sample from your consumer, you need the speed, efficiency and professionalism of RQA.

  • Consumer is contacted within 24 hours
  • Pickup is scheduled at consumer’s convenience
  • Sample is shipped overnight to the location of your choice
  • Entire process documented through a strict “chain of custody” procedure
  • Confidential website access to order retrievals and check status of projects
  • Replacement product may be delivered to the consumer
  • Companion samples may be purchased for investigation
  • Product may be shipped shelf stable, refrigerated and frozen
  • Active Member of SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals)
  • Qualified, professional field force with strict “No Comment” policy

Count on RQA’s Consumer Complaint Retrieval

Consumer Complaint Retrieval

Food ForensicsRQA offers the most comprehensive industry support from sample retrieval through analysis of contaminants by RQA Food Forensics™.  We offer an affordable, full service alternative to internal resources for the handling, assessment, documentation and storage of complaint samples.

“My name is Tammy Perez and I work for Frito-Lay Corporate Headquarters in Plano, Texas. I have been with the company for 30 years and counting. Of the 30 years with the company I have been in the Consumer Relations department for 26 years. Our call center takes on average 400,000 each year including 3,000 egregious or escalated issues. The company decided 23 years ago to form a specialized area to handle egregious and escalated issues. Due to our brand and corporate image it is imperative that these type of issues are handled quickly and with discretion. When there is a high profile issue that risks the brand image we use RQA to retrieve the product samples. It can range from pick-up, shipping shelf stable to have specialized instructions to include product being maintained and shipped in a frozen state and store visits to assist us with our investigation. The staff at RQA is exemplary from start to finish on these jobs. Whether we use the on-line portal to calling in the job they are helpful, personable and always provide excellent service and follow-up. With the type of issues and claims that a large corporation encounters these have to be handled quickly and correctly to avoid media and legal exposure. There was an instance that we had a rep from RQA go into a store and investigate the location of light/heat sources to help us find a cause to very serious quality issue. The rep went above and beyond to include diagrams of the product and light/heat sources for us to examine. In another instance with a mixed product we had the rep go into multiple stores to buy the product and open over 200 bags, go thru and separate the mixed product and call me with the results on a Sunday afternoon.

Over the past 23 years I have many stories of the work that RQA has done for Frito-Lay. I know that there are other companies that do similar work but have not come close to the exemplary job of RQA.”

Tammy Perez
Team Leader Consumer Affairs, Frito-Lay, Inc.