Specialty Field Services

Specialty Field Services

The world is a big place and you can't be everywhere—but we can

Let RQA be your eyes and hands in the field. We will visit stores, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or consumers’ homes to complete your project and get you the information you need. Data is captured in real-time using the RQA Services Mobile App.

RQA Services AppWhat RQA can do for you:

  • Observation and data recording
  • Structured evaluations and conformance assessments
  • In-store display evaluation
  • Advertising penetration, placement, or effectiveness
  • Counterfeit product identification
  • Documented consumer experiences
  • Purchasing or competitive acquisitions
  • Product retrieval or personal delivery
  • Chain-of-custody shipping
  • Fragile, refrigerated, frozen or other special needs handling
  • Observed destruction
  • Product relabeling
  • Simple repairs


  • Managed a nationwide returned goods program at over 1,000 distribution points.
  • Performed covert product sampling from over 200,000 retail stores during a three-year program.
  • Relabeled, packaged, and shipped merchandising displays for store presentations.
  • Performed physical product inspections on over one million units of product to identify mold.
  • Procured all available ‘private label’ products from a national grocery chain.
  • Visited restaurants nationwide to sample and prepare buns for shipment to a lab for testing.
  • Performed in-home repairs on electrical component for a children’s toy.
  • Visited nationwide warehouses / distributors to pack and ship various products for testing.
  • Corrected “leaning” promotional displays nationwide at a major hardware retailer.
  • Performed a nationwide relabeling of Halloween candy at major convenience stores.
  • Performed sampling from a shipping container after received through customs.
  • Documented damages caused by material failure with photo and video evidence.
  • Performed covert visits to restaurants to collect samples to test for authenticity.

From concept to consumption, RQA provides solutions that support all areas of your product’s life cycle, offering customized project management from design through presentation of final results.

RQA services are scalable to handle everything from one-off single site assignments to coordinating large programs encompassing more than 50k sites. Projects may be one-time or recurring.

Contact RQA today to learn more on how we can assist your company.