Retail Quality Audits

RQA Retail Quality AuditsRQA’s Retail Quality Audit evaluates your product in the marketplace – in any channel of distribution. Whether you are in Quality Assurance, R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution or Marketing, we utilize your criteria and our thirty years of experience to custom design projects that will meet your objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our professional field force will visit retail locations to evaluate products or services, or purchase products on-line to evaluate at home.  Data is collected using RQA’s proprietary mobile app, including photos, videos, and geo-tracking, with up-to-date reporting available online.

Why Audit at Retail?

  • Understand the Consumer Experience
  • Monitor Manufacturing Plant Performance
  • Investigate Consumer Complaint Trends
  • Evaluate Package and Product Condition
  • Track Product Age on Shelf, Availability and Display Conditions
  • Perform Competitive Benchmarking
  • Assess Test Market and Product Launches
  • Substantiate Advertising and Label Claims
  • Validate Trade Marketing Program Compliance

Retail Quality AuditsRetail Quality Audits performed in-store may include:

  • Package Condition
  • Product Assessment
  • Product Age
  • Pricing and Display Data
  • Availability
  • Display / Merchandising / POP Materials
  • Samples for In-Home Evaluation

E-CommerceRetail Quality Audits performed for E-Commerce may also include:

  • Shipping Material Condition
  • Ease of Ordering
  • Order Accuracy
  • Overall Experience

Foodservice OperationsRetail Quality Audits performed in Foodservice Operations may also include:

  • Product or Service Quality
  • Operations Performance
  • In-House or In-Home Product Evaluation
  • Marketing / POP Materials Availability
  • Franchise / Brand Standards Compliance
Retail Quality Audits

Retail Quality Audits – Quality Through the Eyes of the Consumer