Retail Quality Audits

Retail Quality AuditsOur professional field force evaluates your product in the market, using your criteria, whether you are in a Quality Assurance, R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution or Marketing role. We provide objective, statistically reliable data, analysis and reporting.

RQA provides customized project management with accurate, timely and cost effective results.

Retail Quality Audits may include:

  • Package Condition
  • Product Assessment
  • Age Distribution
  • Display Data
  • Availability

Audits may be performed to assess:

  • Shelf-Life
  • Manufacturing Performance
  • Distribution Efficiency
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Product Launch and Test Markets
  • Advertising / Claims Substantiation
  • Trade Marketing Compliance
Retail Quality Audits

How does my product really look on the shelf?

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