Brand Integrity

Brand Integrity InvestigationIn today’s marketplace, it is critical that companies take a proactive approach to understanding their exposure and reducing the risk to their brands from counterfeiting and unauthorized production.

Economically motivated adulteration, or “food fraud”, has also emerged as a significant risk in the increasingly complex global supply chain.

Since 1989, RQA has worked closely with brand owners, risk managers and security professionals to develop and implement customized solutions that support brand protection.

RQA Services

  • Supply chain – Inspect various points in your supply chain to assess your product at each stage and identify when and where counterfeit products are evident
  • Manufacturing – Identify counterfeit risks in manufacturing locations, e.g. label control, security etc.
  • Consumers – Arrange for the collection of a suspected counterfeit product from the consumer following a complaint
  • Market survey – Audit product on-shelf using authentication technologies, or purchase samples for off-site evaluation from a target list of retailers to several thousand locations in a full market sweep.
  • Returned goods – Inspecting stock sent back through reclamation to identify counterfeit products.
  • Online Monitoring – Purchase samples from online retailers and auction sites to identify counterfeit items.

Protect Your Brand!

RQA has professional field personnel worldwide and uses proprietary, secure web-based applications and mobile technologies for rapid response and reporting.  Our highly experienced global team can assist companies in assessing the risk of counterfeiting, advise on anti-counterfeiting strategies and assist with the response to a counterfeit incident.