Full-Time / Part-Time Opportunities
Field Representative / Independent Contractor

RQA JobsInteresting Work That Fits Your Busy Schedule Every day, somewhere in the world, RQA’s network of Independent Contractors perform product retrievals, retail quality audits, product recalls, consumer complaint retrievals and a host of other services that help companies assure the highest levels of product quality for consumers. RQA, Inc. invites you to join our network of Independent Contractors. We are looking for reliable, courteous individuals with excellent communication skills and attention to detail to perform a variety of projects. As an Independent Contractor, you will be required to travel to specific locations, follow detailed instructions, accurately record product data and complete projects within required deadlines. Projects may also require you to package and ship products to a specific location. You will be notified of projects via email. As an Independent Contractor, you may select only those projects that are of interest to you and fit within your schedule. There are no penalties for not accepting a project. However, once you select an assignment it is expected that you complete it on time and accurately. You will need to maintain a unique email address and have your own means of transportation, computer, printer and other supplies necessary to complete the assignment. You will also be required to have a smart phone. As an Independent Contractor, you will be paid for each completed project. The total payment is based on the time required to travel to the location and complete the project. Payment may include travel expenses and product purchase if required.


Your details are kept strictly confidential. No personal information will be shared with any third party.