“Service to our insureds has improved considerably since we have partnered with RQA as our product recall crisis consultant. Immediate and efficient responses are a great comfort to companies in crisis and our partners at RQA provide our insureds exactly that!”

Louis Lubrano
President, Berkley Global Product Recall

“Beachbody has used RQA with much success over the last few years to assist with retrieval of consumer complaints in the U.S. and Canada… They are very professional and experienced in the package retrieval process and were also able to quickly ramp up and increase volume of consumer kits for a special project when needed. I would recommend RQA to other companies looking for assistance with product retrieval and quality audits.”

Peter Anno
Quality Manager – Consumer Affairs, Beachbody

“Here at Blue Diamond Almonds, we could not be more pleased with the diverse selection of services provided by RQA! From Product Retrievals to Recall Assistance to Marketing Strategies, RQA has become an instrumental business partner for us. RQA is knowledgeable, supportive, and extremely professional! We are excited to have entwined several of RQA’s services into our daily business practices.”

Blue Diamond Growers
Lisa Diehl
Manager, Consumer Advocacy, Blue Diamond Growers

“My name is Tammy Perez and I work for Frito-Lay Corporate Headquarters in Plano, Texas… The company decided 23 years ago to form a specialized area to handle egregious and escalated issues… When there is a high profile issue that risks the brand image we use RQA to retrieve the product samples… Over the past 23 years I have many stories of the work that RQA has done for Frito-Lay. I know that there are other companies that do similar work but have not come close to the exemplary job of RQA.”

Frito Lay
Tammy Perez
Team Leader Consumer Affairs, Frito-Lay, Inc.

“RQA is a great partner! Very responsive and consistent service! That’s why they are our preferred consumer product retrieval partner for Diageo North America.”

Peter Venegas
Manager Consumer/In-Market Quality, Diageo North America

“As Retailers, we are among the first responders to Recalls and have the responsibility of notifying consumers and removing product. RQA performs Effectiveness Checks in Wakefern stores using a mobile application that keeps track of store visits and reports back to us… Protecting our consumers and the Wakefern/ShopRite brand is our priority and utilizing RQA helps us manage the growing number of recalls we receive, making for an effective and efficient process.”

Wakefern Food Corp
Michael Ambrosio
Vice President, Quality Assurance Division, Wakefern Food Corporation

“RQA gave our little brand the power we needed to ensure that recalled products were promptly removed from our shelves, correctly disposed of and the data needed to provide our leadership and regulatory bodies assurances that we had effectively removed recalled products.”

Denise Webster
Food Safety & Regulatory Consultant, (Previously with Tesco's Fresh & Easy Market)

“RQA was a top quality, reliable and trusted partner during my 30+ years at Unilever. They were always there when we needed them for consumer complaint sample retrievals, incident investigation, crisis management and specialized consulting services. Now as a consultant in the consumer engagement industry, I’m confident in referring their services based on years of experience. “

Linnea Johnson
President, Consumer Centricity, (Formerly Global Director of Consumer Engagement, Unilever)