Inspection & Remediation

Inspection & Remediation

RQA’s deep experience with large scale Inspection and Remediation projects provides rapid, cost effective solutions for quality or regulatory issues. Our ability to mobilize our extensive field force delivers the fastest possible recall or withdrawal capabilities, minimizing business and consumer risk.

Market Corrections, Quality Investigations, Product Defects or Recalled Product?

  • Quality Inspection and Segregation
  • Labeling Remediation
  • Repacking Services
  • Documented Inventory Verification and Destruction

All project data is captured in real-time utilizing the RQA Services mobile application.

  • Inspections based on client standards
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Online data reporting portal

Recent Programs – Solutions that minimize financial impact and protect relationships

  • Quality Inspections
    • Performed physical product inspections on over one million units of pre-packaged pasta to identify mold.
    • 209,622 cases of Beer were carefully inspected during a six-week period, removing 2% of defective product from a targeted bottle mold for destruction and repacking 98%.
  • Labeling Remediation – Retail or Warehouse
    • Performed a nationwide relabeling of Halloween candy at a 5,000-store pharmacy chain.
  • Repacking Services
    • Inspected beverage bottles for glass chipping then repacked the good units.
  • Documented Inventory Verification and Destruction for Insurance Claims Support
    • Provided documentation of 1,200 pallets of energy drinks in cold storage for insurance claim using mobile app and then performed witness destruction.
    • Documented damage caused by material failure with photo and video evidence.