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The RQA Services mobile app is part of a proprietary software system utilized by RQA field representatives and clients for communication, data collection, and data analytics.  While the RQA team uses the app daily for completing assignments in the field, it has also been adopted by our clients for their own internal needs. RQA works with Quality Assurance, Consumer Affairs and other client teams to understand their business needs and determine the best way to support their goals.  The RQA Services app and analytics portal puts an end to paper-based procedures and disparate data repositories. It brings visibility and understanding to your business.

The app is rapidly configurable with an unlimited number of custom question sets specific to client incident, audit, or other data collection needs.  End users are taken step-by-step through a process for capturing information in a variety of formats including text, multiple choice, photo, video, audio recording, signature capture, bar code scanning, and more.  All data, including images and videos, are available via an analytics portal tailored to the client project. The portal provides a fast and easy way to analyze and generate insights from client data. The easy-to-use interface enables data display, statistical analysis, and graphing. It also provides a drill-down feature from any control or display to constrain the dataset or view additional detail. Access may be restricted by individual user (e.g. country, region, plant), and raw data may be exported or transferred to the client’s internal system.

RQA Services app features:

  • Works on iOS and Android smartphones/tablets
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Built-in answer validations to assure data integrity
  • Conditional question flows to ask only the questions applicable to the situation
  • Geo-location, date and time stamps on all responses
  • May be used offline (not connected to internet), data will be uploaded once connected

Asking Questions
  • Question type options include:
    text, numeric, date, lot code, and multiple choice
RQA Services App RQA Services App
  • May be validated and flow may be conditional on the user’s response
  • May include exemplary photo, short video, or audio for clarity
  • Ability to capture up to 10 photos for each answer
  • Up to three 60-second videos per answer
  • Up to three 60-second audio recordings per answer
RQA Services App RQA Services App
Barcode Scan
  • Rapidly capture UPCs, EANs, QR codes, shipment tracking codes, and more
  • Scanning works for blurry, worn, torn, or wrinkled barcodes under a wide range of lighting conditions
RQA Services App
Signature Capture
  • Finger sign w/ optional name and email address
RQA Services App
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