RQA’s Recall Management Solutions – We’ve Got You Covered!

Recall ManagementFood, beverage, and consumer product recalls continue to be in the headlines, causing damage to brands’ and company’s reputations. If you’re managing an actual or potential issue that could lead to a consumer health or safety concern, it’s critical to act promptly. Immediate action will enhance consumer protection, restore consumer confidence and may help mitigate the negative impact of the product recall. RQA can help you prevent, prepare for, handle, and recover from product incidents, including recall execution, recall effectiveness checks, product withdrawals, product inspections, remediation and destruction at retail and distribution centers.

  • Customized Web Portal for Retailers and Consumers (Register for Recall/Self Service, Verify Products, Reimbursement, Returned Goods Programs)
  • Product Recall, Market Withdrawal and Effectiveness Checks (Product Recovery from Retail and DC, Documented Destruction)
  • Inspection, Documentation & Remediation Services (Quality/Regulatory Corrections, Product Inspection, Rework, Destruction & Insurance Claims Support)

How can we help?  Contact Cheryl Alesso (c.alesso@rqa-inc.com) or Brian Giannini (b.giannini@rqa-inc.com) to learn more.