RQA Helps Organizations Reduce Risk Through Customer Service Excellence

Make Magic Happen

Happy Customer Service Week! This year’s theme is “You Make the Magic Happen” which emphasizes how magical an experience can be for a consumer or customer if an organization has all the right elements in place.

If you need support in developing or enhancing the “magic” in your Consumer & Customer Care program, please reach out.

RQA’s services include:

  • Developing Consumer & Customer Care programs
  • Conducting Consumer & Customer Care program gap assessment and action planning
  • Providing critical incident escalation training
  • Conducting recall simulations to assess current programs that manage perception of brand and customer service during a critical incident
  • Managing risk by rapidly retrieving consumer complaint samples and conducting forensic testing
  • Implementing processes and procedures to support ISO 10002-2018 “Guidelines for handling complaints for organizations” and/or internal risk management standards
  • Progressing your Consumer & Customer Care maturity model

Click on the links below or contact us at info@rqa-inc.com to learn how RQA can help your organization with Consumer & Customer Care program optimization and risk reduction.

Have a Magical Week!