RQA Helps Companies Develop & Optimize Consumer & Customer Care Programs

PACEIt’s National Customer Service Week and it’s an important time to recognize customer service professionals for the work they do throughout the year and reflect on how critical customer service is to any business. RQA’s expert consultants can work with you to design a customized plan to develop or optimize your Consumer & Customer Care program.

RQA’s services include:

  • Developing Consumer & Customer Care program
  • Conducting Consumer & Customer Care program gap assessment & action planning
  • Providing critical incident escalation training
  • Conducting recall simulations to assess current programs that manage perception of brand and customer service during a critical incident
  • Managing risk by rapidly retrieving consumer complaint samples and conducting food forensics testing
  • Implementing processes and procedures to support ISO 10002-2018, Guidelines for handling complaints for organizations, and/or internal risk management standards
  • Enhancing a mature Consumer & Customer Care program

Click on the links below to learn more or stop by and see us at the SOCAP Symposium in Clearwater Beach, Florida from October 17-21, 2021, to discuss your organization’s needs.