RQA Celebrates World Quality Month!

World Quality MonthNovember is World Quality Month which is recognized by quality professionals around the world. This year’s theme is Quality Conscience: Doing the Right Thing. RQA contributes to this theme as we provide proactive consulting, training, and on demand field services to our clients throughout the year.

In support of World Quality Month, here are a few ways RQA can help your organization improve Quality in 2023:

  • Conduct surveillance audits to assess quality at point of purchase and consumption.
  • Provide training to build the skillset of quality professionals.
  • Develop, implement, and continuously improve results from Food Safety Culture surveys.
  • Develop proactive quality programs, such as supplier monitoring and supplier scorecards to ensure quality is always front of mind.

How are you celebrating World Quality Month? What can RQA do to be a valued partner to your organization?