RQA Celebrates World Quality Month – Realizing Your Competitive Potential!

World Quality Month 2023November is World Quality Month which is recognized by quality professionals around the world. This year’s theme is Quality: realizing your competitive potential. RQA contributes to this theme as we provide proactive consulting, training, and on demand field services to our clients throughout the year.  Some initiatives to consider may include building a better understanding of customer’s needs, your quality culture, how to differentiate products and services, continuously improve processes and embrace innovation.

RQA can help your team now to build your quality competitive advantage by:

  • Conducting surveillance audits to assess quality at point of purchase and consumption to build understanding of customer experience, needs, and expectations
  • Providing focused training to build the skillset of quality professionals
  • Developing, implementing, and continuous improvement using data such as results from Food Safety Culture surveys or root cause analysis
  • Developing proactive quality programs, such as supplier monitoring and supplier scorecards to ensure quality is always front of mind

Contact us to find out more about how RQA can be a valued partner to your organization’s journey in realizing quality competitive potential.