Prepared to Manage a Foodborne Illness or Relying on Luck?

Foodborne IllnessWhen was the last time you updated your organization’s foodborne illness response plan? Do you have a plan or has your establishment just been lucky? Today more than ever, consumers have high expectations and news travels fast, so it is essential to invest the time and resources to create, refine, educate team members, and conduct simulations to prepare your establishment for a potential foodborne illness outbreak. Being proactive and prepared can significantly increase your organization’s ability to weather a storm and recover from it.

RQA partners with food establishments to prepare, prevent, and respond to events by providing a variety of customized services, including:

  • Foodborne Illness Response Simulation
  • Foodborne Illness Plan Desktop Review
  • Development of Foodborne Illness Response Protocol

We are experts in this space, so don’t depend on luck to ensure your organization’s plan contains the necessary tools to be foodborne illness response ready.   Contact Cheryl Alesso ( or Brian Giannini ( to see how we can help!