Independent Contractor Registration

Registration Process

Register to receive notification of projects in your area. You will be notified via email of the project type and scope. You can choose to accept the project or wait for the next notification.

Our registration process consists of 4 steps.

Step 1 – Complete a Basic Assessment

In order to successfully complete projects you will need to understand detailed directions and calculate expenses and mileage. We ask that you answer a few questions related to these requirements.

Step 2 – Provide Personal Information

You will need to supply information about yourself including address, phone number and email. RQA, Inc. will never share your personal information with anyone.

Step 3 – Read and Accept the Independent Contractor Agreement, Code of Conduct and Background Check Release

In order to ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities as an Independent Contractor and our requirements for successfully completing projects, you will need to read and accept the Independent Contractor Agreement, Code of Conduct and Background Check Release

Step 4 – Provide a Digital Photo for your RQA ID Card and a W-9 Tax Form for project payment.

You will need to supply a digital photo so we can send you an RQA ID that identifies you as a field rep and complete a W-9 form for payment processing.

Upon successful completion of the registration process you will receive information on accessing our project management website, RQA Service Manager. You will use this website to accept projects and enter data and payment information. This notice and other project communications are sent via email.

Go to the next page to start the registration process. It may take a moment for the page to load.

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