Celebrate National Snack Month with RQA, Inc.

Snack MonthFebruary is National Snack Food Month, which is a great time to indulge in all your favorite treats. The purpose of this month-long celebration is to honor the delicious and diverse world of snacks, from sweet to savory, crunchy to chewy.

RQA, Inc. offers a unique spectrum of industry-leading services to assess product quality, minimize risk and identify continuous improvement opportunities for the food and beverage industry. RQA’s extensive expertise and thirty-five years of experience touch virtually all areas of risk, including supply chain assessment, forensic analysis, product recovery, crisis planning and response and more.

  • Retail Quality Audits (Assess Quality at Retail, Breakage Studies, Quality Through the Eyes of the Consumer)
  • Consumer Complaint Retrieval (Complaint Sample Recovery, Store Investigations, Sealed Sample Purchase)
  • RQA Food Forensics™ (Foreign Matter and Contaminant Identification, Sample Management & Storage)
  • Product Retrieval (Retail Product Quality Surveillance Programs, Product Sourcing and Prep for Analysis & Research Studies)
  • Product Recall, Market Withdrawal and Effectiveness Checks (Product Recovery from Retail and DC, Returned Goods Programs, Online Self-Service Portals, Documented Destruction)
  • Inspection, Documentation & Remediation Services (Quality/Regulatory Corrections, Product Inspection, Rework, Destruction & Insurance Claims Support)
  • Brand Integrity, Food Fraud and Counterfeit Programs (Investigative Purchases, Product Retrieval & Evaluation, Warehouse Inspections)
  • Operations Quality, Food Safety & Risk Management (Risk Assessment, Facility Audits, FSMA Compliance Program Development & Training, Food Safety Culture, Quality Systems, Recall Plan Development, Review & Simulation)

National Snack Month is a great time to highlight quality and food safety efforts, increase consumption, and raise awareness about snacking. Today’s consumer is savvy, has data at their fingertips and demands greater accountability from organizations about quality and food safety, including snack foods.

As you’re preparing for 2024 Quality and Food Safety continuous improvements, contact Cheryl Alesso (c.alesso@rqa-inc.com) or Brian Giannini (b.giannini@rqa-inc.com) to discuss your organizational needs.