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The Important Correlation Between Food Safety Certification, Effective Management Systems and Reduction in Outbreaks

Food Safety White PaperFood safety practices are critical and should be at the top of an owner/manager’s business priority list. There are several systems that food establishment management can use to attain Active Managerial Control (AMC). AMC purposefully incorporates specific actions or procedures by industry management into the operation of their business to attain control over foodborne illness risk factors. Learn how RQA can help you prepare, prevent, and respond to events involving your food establishment.

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RQA_WhitePaperCrisis management has become even more complex with the rise of social media and the constant addition of new channels, which can rapidly accelerate the spread of a crisis. Consumer Affairs professionals are often on the front lines of a crisis and has the responsibility of escalating to other functions throughout the organization to inform them of situations that are beginning to intensify. Get crisis ready tips from the crisis management team at RQA, Inc.

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