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Consumer Complaint Retrieval

Consumer Complaint RetrievalWhen a manufacturer receives a consumer complaint, the speed of retrieval and professionalism in the field are key factors in minimizing risk and liability.  According to a study by the Center for Client Retention, a dissatisfied consumer tells an average of seven people about their experience with a company or product.  If the seven people relate the story to family and friends, the multiplier effect is enormous.  The swift and appropriate handling of all consumer complaints is an absolute must.

RQA's qualified, professional field network can retrieve product quickly and efficiently, contacting the consumer within 24 hours of the complaint and scheduling the pick-up at the consumer's convenience.  Field personnel will also purchase additional product from the same lot code and retail outlet as the consumer's purchase for comparison.

As an active member of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, RQA is fully versed in the stringent requirements that are necessary and the litigation potential that exists for consumer product manufacturers today.  RQA controls the entire process through a strict "chain of custody" procedure, from pickup through shipment, with every step documented.  All of RQA's services are designed to minimize business and consumer risk.

FFRQA offers the most comprehensive industry support from sample retrieval through analysis of contaminants by RQA Food Forensics™.  We offer an affordable, full service alternative to internal resources for the handling, assessment, documentation and storage of complaint samples.